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The word on the street.....

Geoff Battersby’s book ‘Rock Drumming 50 Tasty Chops ‘n’ Licks’ breaks the mood of traditional drum tutors, concentrating on producing actual music, rather than on dry academia.

Rudiments can be considered a bit of a dirty word amongst some drummers, especially those of us who come from a punk and garage rock background! This is often not helped by some books just producing pages of rudiments with the author admonishing us to ‘practice with a metronome’.


Geoff has selected what he feels are the most practical rudiments for rock musicians, and immediately introduces some snare studies in the style of such virtuosi such as Steve Gadd. Double stroke rolls aren’t just the  domain of marching bands, you know!

Another departure from other tutors are the 5 studies include in the book. These are chock full of exciting and modern ideas, ranging from linear ilines, through to hip-hop chops, plus variations on John Bonham’s celebrated triplet double kick licks!


The songs are complete instrumentals, and are very accomplished pastiches of popular styles. The musicianship is exemplary throughout – and there’s not a MIDI instrument in sight (a bugbear of some play along CDs that feature anaemic backings all done at the same velocity!)

I would recommend this book to intermediate and advanced drummers, and I look forward to working through it again and again!

In the future, all drum books should be written like this!

Jeff ‘Ben’ Whiting

Owner/ Producer  - Tombstone Harry Studios


50 Tasty Chops & Licks

Aimed at Intermediate to Advanced drummers, this book contains 20 Snare Drum Chops, and 30 Drum Kit Chops'n'licks, which are used in the guitar and bass play-along pieces. 

Includes Track Downloads

£15    £2.50 P&P

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Rocksteps 1-50

Aimed at Beginners through to Advanced drummers, this book is a truly amazing way to learn rhythms.

'If you can Say it, you can Play it!'

Rocksteps Say and Play method uses syllables to understand rhythm. 

Includes Track Downloads

£15    £2.50 P&P

Chopsnlicks Rocksteps book copy.jpg

Double Book Bundle

If you're interested in both of the Rock Drumming titles, you can save money buy buying them as a package

£25 for both titles, plus downloads and £2.50 P&P

Chopsnlicks book2 copy.jpg


Chopsnlicks Rocksteps book copy.jpg
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